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Some bug fixes


I found the following issues in the current release of RSBuild
1- The folders always created using small letters (Extracted from StringDictionary keys). The fix is to simply use the Value instead of the key as the folder name. to do this you need to replace the following line:
--- folders.Add(source.TargetFolder, null) with
--- folders.Add(source.TargetFolder, source.TargetFolder);
In the CreateFolder function under the two enumeration loops (Data Sources and Report Groups loops)
2- The RSBuild using a method to convert the rdl files string stream to bytes. This will publish reports incorrectly when the rdl file contains non English characters. This can be fixed by using the provided .Net UTF8 encoder to get the bytes array as following:
    public static byte[] StringToByteArray(string input)
                    return Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(input.ToCharArray());
Hope this considered in the next release of RSBuild.
also I have a suggestion, can we include a method to provider the folder privilege properties?
Closed Mar 2, 2009 at 12:43 AM by ggeurts
Fixed in release 1.1.0