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"Invalid character in the given encoding" when attempting to publish reports with French characters


I have a number of reports for a given solution, and I am trying as much as possible to automate the report deployment process, so I am trying to use RSBuild for this. Everything works fine if I use reports only with English characters. However, if my reports contain French characters, I receive the error:
[PublishTask::PublishReport]: The report definition is not valid. Details: Invalid character in the given encoding. Line 1, position 1677. ---> The report definition is not valid. Details: Invalid character in the given encoding. Line 1,position 1677.
So, I then tried changing the encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 manually in the rdlc files, which got me past the error, but when rendered by SSRS the French characters were all encoded.
I've looked into the RSBuild source code and tried a few things myself to try and solve the issue without much luck (setting the encoding explicitly on the XmlTextWriter of Report.cs Process function, attempting to use a MemoryStream instead of the StringWriter in the same function), so I'm wondering whether RSBuild supports deployment of reports that contain non-English characters and if so, how to accomplish it?
Closed Mar 2, 2009 at 12:43 AM by ggeurts
Fixed in release 1.1.0


wardy1975 wrote Feb 18, 2009 at 8:19 PM

Ok, love posting answers to my own posts...for whatever reason I missed the previous posting that addressed this bug (titled "Some Bug Fixes") before posting - didn't come up with my Google searches or Codeplex search. I would definitely agree with hdesouky (thanks for the fix - wasn't quite where I had tried to fix it) that it should likely be in the next release.

Thanks again

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