How to publish reports on test server

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Apr 24, 2013 at 9:30 PM
I am new to rsbuild.
i would like to use this to deploy my ssrs reports to test server remotely.
i can able to access test server url from my dev machine with user credentials.test server database server name is different than dev. i created test.config and used 'rsbuild. test.config' but am getting this error message"http://abcd13/Reports_ABCD13 unauthorized error 401"

My Config file looks like this

<Global Name="ReportServer">localhost</Global>
what should i specify here localhost or my testserver name?
<Global Name="ReportServerPath">ReportServer</Global>
_what should i specify here just Reortserver or my testserver name(Reportserver_abcd13)?
<ReportServer Name="Reportserver_abcd13" Protocol="http" Host="ABCD13" Path="ReportsServer_ABCD13" Timeout="30" />

<DataSource Name="ReportDataSource" Publish="true" Overwrite="false" TargetFolder="l" ReportServer=" Reportserver_abcd13">
    <ConnectionString>data source=ABCD13\ABCD13;initial catalog=databasename</ConnectionString>
    <UserName></UserName>                                   <Password></Password>
<ReportGroup Name="Reports1" DataSourceName="ReportDatasource" TargetFolder="" ReportServer=" Reportserver_abcd13" CacheTime="10080">
    <Report Name="Reports1 " CollapsedHeight="${CollapsedHeight}">
        <FilePath>D:\newfolder\Click-through by Search Term.rdl</FilePath>
`what path should i specify here? i mean ,my project path in dev or copy .rdl files to testserver and give that copied files path?